DivAirCity H2020

Understanding & establishing co-creation

The community building out-reach to the citizens officially starts in M7 and is empowered by the experience of Reseau Transition “Transition Network”.

Community Building activities will be common to all the diamond phases: at this phase we have started working with the stakeholders, by creating the Local Steering Committees, activation of ecosystems.

The objective is to create a group which is conscious of belonging to this group.

  • Long term involvements with the aim of creating different solutions.
  • Install a sense of community in the participants.
  • (perhaps also) Negotiate the mandate with the city.

We acknowledge these frameworks as a basis for this phase of the co-creation.


Planning for not simply co-creating solutions, but nurturing a community in the process require the cities to think about is a term used to describe ways to making the co-creation as positive and valuable for those involved in the process. (…)

Essential incentives 
Here is meant:

  1. The time of the day for arranging a meet-up can make it possible or attractive to participate. This is seen in connection with other offerings: entertainment of children, social stimulation etc.

  2. Including provision of a hot meal, coffee, cake, treats.
    Can there be any green sponsor-ships
  3. …


Latent needs
May include: 

  • The core of the project. That the process is meaningful, fair and open…
  • The mandate with the city: The scale of Influence in city planning, possibility of carbon emission reduction, listening…


Incentives for any actor to participate
Cities ask:

  • How do we engage NGOs in order to reach the right citizens?
  • How does our project stand out to them and to the citizens?

The SCC – Smart Cities Contracts and DivAirCity platform creating democratic incentives

We acknowledge these frameworks as a basis for this phase of the co-creation.

Title of framework and/ or EU context

Transition network guidebook

Title of framework and/ or EU context

Democratic practices 


Overall democratic practices such as Digital + physical participation Citizens assemblies and Participatory budgets.

Target groups (any specific)

Partners + citizens in general

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