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DivAirCity Announces Launch of Twinning Programme with 25 Cities Worldwide

Orvieto, Italy – May 17, 2024 – DivAirCity, a HORIZON 2020 project dedicated to fostering sustainable urban development, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Twinning Programme aimed at forging collaborative partnerships between cities across the globe. Following the success of the Twinning Programme’s initial phase, DivAirCity has selected 20 cities, comprising 12 EU cities and 8 non-European cities from 4 continents, to participate in the upcoming collaborative efforts.

The Twinning Programme, led by UniverCities, will facilitate exchanges of expertise and best practices among participating cities, with a focus on inclusive urban nature-based solutions (NBS) to address climate neutrality, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the objectives of the Green Deal.

Twinning Programme Details: 

Five cities are involved in DivAirCity – Aarhus, Bucharest, Castellon, Orvieto, and Potsdam (through a private housing association). Each city in DivAirCity has been paired with four other cities, with at least one outside the EU. The twinning criteria were as follows:

  • The preferences expressed by the five DivAirCity cities combined with the preference expressed by the applicant cities.
  • The balance between EU and non-EU cities (no DivAirCity city will work with either only European or non-European cities).
  • Alignment between the matched cities (in terms of city typology, challenges, main local stakeholders, involvement of public-private actors, past experience, existing innovation…).
  • Consistency between public and private stakeholders.
  • Potential mutual opportunities.

The matched cities for each DivAirCity city are as follows:


  • Brasov, Romania 
  • Stintino, Italy 
  • Manchester, UK 
  • Uvwie, Nigeria 


  • Basildon, UK 
  • Malaga, Spain 
  • Chennai, India 
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh 


  • St. Boi, Spain 
  • Galapagar, Spain 
  • Veracruz, Mexico 
  • Bogotà, Colombia 


  • Lviv, Ukraine 
  • Patras, Greece 
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone 
  • Cairo, Egypt 


  • Klaipeda, Lithuania 
  • Vinnytsia, Ukraine 
  • Ploiesti, Romania 
  • Kitwe, Zambia 

Focus Areas: Over the next 12 months, the twinned cities will collaborate on various issues, including air pollution mitigation and adaptation, innovative nature-based solutions, citizen engagement methodologies, and practices to facilitate inclusive dialogues, especially for vulnerable populations. The programme will also address challenges related to access to urban data and the mitigation of biases.

Hybrid Approach: The Twinning Programme will use a mix of online and physical events to facilitate collaboration. This approach aims to maximise engagement and ensure inclusivity, allowing for both virtual exchanges and face-to-face interactions.

DivAirCity will be launching the Twinning Programme in Orvieto, Italy, from May 16th to May 17th, 2024. Representatives from the 20 twinning cities will gather physically in Orvieto to commence this journey.

“The Twinning Programme represents a pivotal step towards creating greener, more resilient, and inclusive cities,” said Dr. Daniela Melandri, Director of UniverCities and Content and Strategy chair at DivAirCity. “By fostering meaningful partnerships and sharing expertise, we can unlock the full potential of urban sustainability.”

“The twinning programme is an amazing opportunity for cities around the globe to exchange best practices and policies to collaboratively work towards a common decarbonisation goal” said Prof. Elisa Penalvo, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia and coordinator of DivAirCity

“Sharing knowledge, best practices, and experiences from the implementation of Nature Based solutions, is one step closer to a greener and more sustainable Europe. The twinning activities of DIVAIRCITY demonstrate how the results from an EU funded project can have a multiplier effect beyond its boundaries and strengthen the bonds of cooperation across European cities towards.” said Georgios Charalampous, Research Programme Manager, European Executive Research Agency and Project Officer of DivAirCity.

The Twinning Programme Launch event will feature a diverse range of activities, including knowledge-sharing sessions, presentations on pilot cities’ activities, and collaborative brainstorming sessions. Through this programme, participating cities will explore innovative approaches to address pressing urban challenges and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

DivAirCity eagerly anticipates hosting participants in Orvieto for an enriching, collaborative, and inspiring event. For more information and updates on the Twinning Programme, please visit https://divaircity.eu/twinning-programme/.

About DivAirCity:

DivAirCity is an ambitious project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme, aiming to redefine urban environments by embracing human diversity, particularly focusing on gender and multiculturalism, as a catalyst for innovative urban solutions. It seeks to create cultural-driven green cities by integrating various aspects such as people, places, peace, economic growth, climate resilience, and air quality improvement. Through citizen science and creativity, the project will co-design solutions and monitor their impact transparently. It involves five EU cities as replicable case studies and aims to establish Permanent Living Labs, a Diversity and Inclusion green city index, Smart Cities Climate contracts, a Community of Practice, and air pollution mitigation services. Additionally, it intends to develop an EU protocol for decarbonization diagnosis. DivAirCity extends its reach beyond EU borders through international collaborations and aims for real-world impact by involving diverse stakeholders and fostering market-ready outcomes. The project’s visibility will be enhanced through collaboration with Belgian National TV and its associated European and Global channels. 

For further media inquiries or technical information, please get in touch through:

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