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About Orvieto

Orvieto has very antique Etruscan origins and few traces that date back to the 9th century BC. It is located on a natural table land of a 150 m high tufa hill with numerous artificial caves dug during the city’s development through the centuries, that provided sand, tufa and travertine for the buildings. The caves were also used for water storage and as stables for the animals, or in some cases places where artisans could practice their art (rope making, pottery, etc.). Special mention goes to the Pozzo di San Patrizio as it is a rare architectural feature built by Antonio San Gallo and inspired by the “Chiocciola del Belvedere” in the Vatican. 

Its architectural features have inserted the city in the ‘Tentative List of State Parties’ of UNESCO as of 2006. 

Orvieto has approximately 20,000 inhabitants and is one of the biggest cities in central Italy’s Umbria Region.

Why was it chosen as a ‘Pilot City’

Orvieto is a small Italian city, but very close to Rome and suffering from the air pollution of the metropolitan area. Orvieto has a strong cultural, heritage and tourist scene. Orvieto was a member of the Covenant of Mayors but is willing to rejoin if the project is awarded. The city does not have a Diversity/Social Inclusion office, but it is also willing to create one.

The city’s main objective is that the intervention will contribute to the actions already in place in Orvieto.

Orvieto is committed to improving air quality to improve both citizen health and limit pollutant and GHG emissions by using NBS.

Area of Intervention

In Orvieto the area of intervention identified is in the district of Orvieto Scalo, crossroad between the A1 Highway exit and peripherical areas, connecting residential neighbourhoods with industrial ones. In particular, a park located near the main roads and the elementary school has been chosen: this can be accessed by pedestrian paths, including a tunnel under the railway which connects two different areas of the district. The park is still characterized by noise and air pollution (due to the presence of a traffic road next to it) and scarce maintenance. It could serve as a connection between a residential area (with the presence of vulnerable groups) and the school, avoiding dangerous and polluting traffic. However, it is not perceived as pleasing and safe right now. Moreover, in summer it is exposed to sun, making it very hot.  

The intervention wants to improve the park and its perception by citizens, in order to redirect their flows through less polluted areas. This will be done by reducing its exposure to sound and air pollution, introducing shaded areas, and creating inclusive games, animal areas and sensorial experiences. The tunnel under the railway will be improved with new lights and new colors.  

Activities in the City

The activities in Orvieto will feature:

  • co-creation and co-design activities fit for all (including orienteering competitions, wheeled walks, sharing wall). To make sure that the most vulnerable groups are included in these activities, the city administration activatedthe so-called “Patto di Collaborazione (Collaboration Pact), a legislative framework which enables public authorities to work with NGOs and the civil society.Six non for profit organisations representing minority and vulnerable groups work closely with orvieto and the Italian partners to deliver the co creation activities.
  • inclusive data collection and data analysis, with a particular focus on the data gaps
  • monitoring and evaluation of the intervention from an environmental, economic, social and health perspective through the use of air pollution sensors provided by CNR and Airly and by EOV methodologies
  • the development of business models for the intervention and the creation of a  dedicated DivAirCity app, based on blockchain technologies.

Orvieto Scalo

Reduction of exposure to sound and air pollution,
introduction of shaded areas,and creation of inclusive games,
animal areas and sensorial experiences.
The tunnel under the railway will be improved with new lights and new colors.

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