DivAirCity H2020

The Power of Communication

The second in our 2023 series of online events under the umbrella of DivAirCity investigated the transformative power of communication and looked at the many ways it can be inclusive. From carefully chosen language where sometimes simple and less is best, to the profound impact of visually communicating data through sonifications and physical, wearable pieces of art.

We were priviledged to host a panel of esteemed communicators who brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the event. Throughout, our panellists shared their unique perspectives, engaging the audience in thought-provoking discussions, and shedding light on the evolutionary power of effective and diverse communication in a face-paced and ever-changing world.

Sometimes you need to find a new way to tell a story and a different method of communicating to make people see the subject anew’  – Miriam Quick – data journalist, author and musician

‘Make people feel safe so they can fully express themselves and create psychologically safe environments where we can have conversations that may be difficult’  – Emily Horton – journalist, public relations expert and founder of More Diverse Voices

Productive disruption is a deliberate act of challenging established norms, breaking away from traditional patterns and embracing change in a way that generates more positive outcomes‘ – Muyiwa Oki – architect and RIBA President-elect.

‘When you listen and receive, it’s easier to hear and connect’ – Kristin Birkeland – teacher, social entrepeneur, activist and artist

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