DivAirCity H2020

The power of Diversity & Inclusion for climate neutral cities

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Call for Expressions of Interest for Cities to join the DivAirCity Twinning Programme

Twinning Programme

DivAirCity is looking for cities interested in joining our global network by becoming Twin Partners. The City-to-City Twinning Programme is aimed at sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences on common challenges around co-participatory urban data, co-design, and nature-based solutions. Twin Cities will be involved in a series of activities between May 2024 and June 2025

Cities can express their interest by 10/03/2024

The project

DivAirCity is a 4 year project, funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme,  within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals, valuing diversity and social inclusion to achieve innovative, creative, culture- driven, green and carbon neutral urban society. 

DivAirCity addresses the equation of social inequality, health conditions and air pollution in cities.

DivAirCity involves :


EU organisations


External stakeholders from five continents


EU Cities

DivAirCity is a project that “recognizes, accepts and celebrates differences” in cities and turns them into a true value to address the emergency of air pollution and climate change. 

DivAirCity shifts the urban paradigm by valuing human diversity as a resource to define new services/models towards cultural-driven green cities. The project focuses on the nexus between people, places, peace, economic growth, and its impact on air quality and decarbonisation


Inclusive Data

Empowering citizens

Smart cities contracts

Knowledge sharing

Pan-European Contest

Within the overall programme of DivAirCity we are launching a special contest for young people, as today’s change agents and citizens of the future. This contest is the place and time for younger generations to share their ideas and dreams on how to make cities sustainable and inclusive for them.

Take action!

Get involved, tell us what you like and what you would like to change about your city.
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