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Facilitating Freedom For All: Building Cities For The Next Generation

Chaired by EQN steering group member and GOSH archtiect Magali Thomson, our recent online event gathered together a panel of industry experts to shed light on the crucial aspects of creating inclusive, safe, and sustainable cities for our future.

They explored the significance of urban planning that caters to children’s needs, emphasizing the vital role of incorporating the perspectives and opinions of young people during the initial phases of urban design. Additionally, they examined noteworthy instances of cities that have already undertaken substantial transformations in their neighborhoods, leading to more sustainable and healthier living environments for all.

If you are not thinking about and talking about children then you are missing out on the most powerful way to build consensus about creating more sustainable, healthy and equitable places – Tim Gill – scholar, consultant and author of ‘Urban Playground: How child-friendly planning and design can save cities’.

With the teenagers we consulted in the project, we thought it was very important to talk about everyday mobility, focus on cycling, static perception and the quality of public spaces near the school – Inés Novella Abril – urban planning architect and master of equal opportunities.

Views of young adults can often be presumed – Simeon Shtebunaev – interdisciplinary researcher

In urban design and planning, how can we use children and young people as a force for change? – Joni Baboci – architect, planner and urban enthusiast

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