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Independence In The City: Creating Accessible Urban Spaces

Join us for our next online event, ‘Independence in the CityCreating Accessible Urban Spaces‘, taking place on the 24th April at 5pm (uk time).

In this 75-minute interactive session, a panel of industry experts will shed light on the crucial aspects of creating accessible and inclusive cities, built for independence.

Our speakers will explore the need for cities to create seamless and innovative accessibility for both indoor venues and other spaces within the urban environment. They will give examples of how historic cities can adapt for accessibility and the importance of having the government on board to make these changes happen.

Moreover, our experts will focusing not only on accommodating visible disabilities but also on embracing neurodiversity. We aim to highlight the diverse needs of individuals within our communities, including those with conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and others.

By fostering an inclusive environment that addresses a spectrum of cognitive and physical differences, we can pave the way for cities that are truly accessible to all.

Following the presentations, there will be an interactive Q&A session, offering attendees the opportunity to engage directly with our panel and exchange ideas. Don’t miss this remarkable event as we strive together to build cities that cater to the needs of the everyone.

Stay tuned, panellists to be announced soon…

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