DivAirCity H2020

Diversity and Inclusion Green City
Pan-European Contest

DivAirCity is a 4 year project, funded by the EC under the H2020 programme, that recognises accepts and celebrates differences and turns them into assets to fight air pollution and climate change in cities. Please read more about DivAirCity here.

Within the overall programme of DivAirCity, we launched a special Pan-European Contest for young people, as today’s change agents and citizens of the future.

This contest was the place and time for younger generations to share their ideas and dreams on how to make cities sustainable and inclusive for them.

Organised in teams, the youth designed green spaces in one of the five cities in DivAirCity using the so-called Nature Based Solutions.

They used their creativity to design a space that is comfortable, healthy, safe and appropriate for their needs and lifestyles. 

The 3 Categories Awards

Within the Contest, participants ran for three different categories of awards:

  • the National Awards (1 per country), awarded by National Juries based on technical soundness, creativity, inclusion & diversity, feasibility
  • the International Award, awarded by an International Jury among the winners of the National Awards;
  • the Audience Award, awarded to the winner of the Social Media Contest on Instagram.

The Contest in numbers

  • 248 registered participants across Europe, aged between 13-19
  • 19 submitted projects
  • 61% of participants were girls
  • Over 6.500 likes on Instagram for the Audience Award

Meet our National Winners

In Bucharest: Happy Green Bucharest

Happy Green Bucharest proposed the creation of a “DNA Park”. DNA is the genetic information inside the body’s cells that identifies uniquely each human being and is the underlying structure that makes people as they are. The team designed a place in which people can work and develop themselves, but also a place where they could bond and create deeper connections.

From Castellon: My Sustainable City in Minecraft

The team used Minecraft to redesign the square in El Grau. The project gives great importance to the water, with sewers, a well, and a fountain. There is space for crops to be grown by family and used by a restaurant-café, built using recycled wood and smart recycled glass. In the restaurant we will find a small terrace, covered by a pergola, that has flexible solar panels that serve to give electricity to the restaurant. In this square, everyone will feel at home. 

In Orvieto: Green Community

Green Community proposed the creation of an eco-sensory garden. An inclusive garden that involves visitors in an engaging experience using the five senses, with a space dedicated to children to help them discover the world that surrounds them using their senses, connect with nature and learn to cohabit and protect it. Their project also includes green barriers, a sensory tunnel and a relaxing oasis, all to promote a sense of belonging and the sharing of valuable place that belongs to the community. 

Find out more here

From Potsdam: Community Garden

Community Garden designed a garden in the centre of the housing estate. This garden is supposed to be used by all residents of the place and should enhance the well-being and inclusivity general area. The area will be used to grow vegetables and fruits that can be harvested by the residents. This concept takes place in two areas. One is the orchard, which will be used to plant fruit trees. On the other hand, they planned to lay out beds in which different types of vegetables can be grown. 

And the winners are

When great and diverse minds brainstorm together, great things happen!

On 9 October, the DivAirCity Consortium reunite with the younger generations coming from across #EU and assisted, with the presentation of the National Projects of the #divaircitycontest2023, competing for the International Awards category.

We are proud of the incredible and mesmerizing work achieved by all teams and happy to announce there was an ex-quo. The first place goes to two winning teams:

My sustainable city in Minecraft – from Castellon (ES)

Green Community – from Orvieto (IT)

Congratulations to all the winning teams participating in the contest!

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