DivAirCity H2020

Twinning programme

Call for Expressions of Interest for Cities to join the DivAirCity Twinning Programme

DivAirCity is looking for cities interested in joining our global network by becoming Twin Partners. The City-to-City Twinning Programme is aimed at sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences on common challenges around co-participatory urban data, co-design, and nature-based solutions. Twin Cities will be involved in a series of activities between May 2024 and June 2025, including:

Travel costs associated with the Twinning Programme will be covered by the DivAirCity project (within the range of available budget and prior approval of the expenses). The available budget will cover costs for a maximum of 20 Twin Cities, of which at least 5 non-EU countries.

Cities can express their interest in joining the DivAirCity Twinning Programme by filling out the following form by 17/03/2024 (23:59 CET)

Call for Expressions of Interest for Cities to join the DivAirCity Twinning Programme

Cities will be selected based on the following criteria: strategies or policies to become climate-neutral, plans to promote social inclusion and diversity, alignment of interest with the DivAirCity project, and existing relationships with DivAirCity activities. Selected cities will be contacted by 25/03/2024.

For any inquiries, contact us at contact@divaircity.eu

About DivAirCity

DivAirCity is a EU project funded under the H2020 program, which started in 2021 and will end in 2025. DivAirCity recognises, accepts and celebrates differences, and turns them into assets to fight air pollution and climate change in cities.

DivAirCity identifies one specific urban area and improves the air pollution conditions in 5 EU cities (Aarhus, Denmark; Bucharest, Romania; Castellon, Spain; Orvieto, Italy, Potsdam, Germany) through social inclusion, by involv­ing a group of people from the most vulnerable group of citizens (as defined by the United Nations): women, young and elderly people, people with different abilities, LGBTQIA+, minorities and low-in­come groups.

DivAirCity proceeds with a 4-step approach:

It looks into cities data. Data in the modern world are the hidden places where inequality lies. Data not only describe the world, but they are used to shape it.

It listens and empowers citizens to be at the heart of the solution by creating a set of participatory activities.

It engages citizens and professionals to co-design a set of nature-based solutions (NBS) to help improve air quality levels and to furbish ne­glected areas. DivAirCity will create commu­nity finance mechanisms enabled by block­chain technology. This will be called Smart Cities Contracts.

It works globally with cities around the world to create a stronger common vision, a more inclusive place, with greater equality for people to create a bet­ter planet.

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